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Home Front


Over the years an array of climate change related films have been produced in countries all around the world. Yet very few, if any of these productions have been made within Australia. It is extremely rare to find an Australian film or documentary that focuses on the local impacts and potential solutions to global warming. This is very surprising when you consider how long climate change has posed a severe threat to Australia and its region's security. It's hard to expect people to imagine the reality of the risks they face and to support ways forward if we haven't produced any locally based content that helps bring the issue home.

HOME FRONT sets out to change this, presenting a new and compelling narrative to enliven and motivate. This is not your normal climate documentary. Why? Because it deals with the high end existential risk we now face. It also tells the untold story of how we can make the seemly impossible possible, and address the climate challenge with an emergency scale and speed of action.

Featuring interviews with former Australian defence officials, fossil fuel industry executives, national security experts, and political and business leaders, you won't see your normal bunch of environmentalists presented in this film.



As the climate crisis deepens, people’s hope for what is possible to achieve is beginning to fade. We urgently need to capture the imagination of courageous thought leaders in Australia to help stimulate public support. Bold leadership is critical if we are to work our way through this crisis. Using trusted messengers, Home Front primarily targets people who hold a level of power and influence within their community, industry and/or political constituency. Reaching out with a new narrative that presents an honest account of the crisis and reveals the case for emergency action. HOME FRONT is targeting: practitioners, business leaders, public servants, religious leaders, academics, artists, filmmakers and activists.

Another dominant issue in the climate movement is the lack of engagement with ‘hard to reach’ populations. To build a sufficient level of support, HOME FRONT aims to engage with disconnected people in ways that connect to their own life experience, rather than asking them to relate to someone else’s. As audiences shift along the spectrum of allies, they can work through their own networks to communicate with people who may hold the same reservations they once did toward climate action.



Film is a very powerful tool in helping to influence culture and to inform large numbers of people. It's a highly effective form of communication that has been used throughout modern history. With the rise of the digital environment, films can now be made readily accessible, and with strategic promotion desired audiences can be easily reached. In partnership with a number of high powered Impact Producers, HOME FRONT aims to develop a series of outreach activities to target sectors including defence, security, business, government and civil society.



The modular structure of the series allows for flexibility in how it’s published and shared. Each episode will be able to be easily broken down into short interview segments or thematic chapters that answer specific questions about climate risk, solutions and actions. These shareable shorts allow for more effective targeting and communication in the digital environment, where video content leads. In addition, the content can also be packaged and viewed as a single documentary, made of the entire collection of episodes. This format versatility helps to increase the distribution opportunities and broadens its potential reach.

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